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Newsletter Updates for May 2013 


National Over-55's Pairs

In the first round of the National Over-55's Pairs, Arthur Allonby and John Sutherland from Cramlington Bowling Club were successful in getting to the next round. 

They played against Ian Brown and Roy Goldsmith at Backworth Bowling Club. The result for that game was 24 shots to Arthur and John and 19 shots to Ian and Roy.

In the next round Arthur and John will play against Chris Coan's rink at High Heaton.




County Triples Championships

Friday 24 May 2013

Two teams from the Cramlington Bowling Club were involved in the County Triples Championships which took place on Friday 24 May.

John Sutherland, Phil Ging and Billy Swann took on Brian Houghton's team at Gosforth. The result of that game was Gosforth 15 and Cramlington 13.

Colin Brown, together with Bill Turnbull, and Bill Gilbert fared better when they played J Harrison's team at High Heaton. The result of that game was High Heaton 19 and Cramlington 23.   Cramlington will now play against Chris Palmer's team (Gosforth) at home on 7 June 2013.


National Over-55's Pairs

Two teams from the Cramlington Bowling Club were entered for the National Over-55's Pairs.

Bill Gilbert and Dave Wilkinson were the Away Team playing against Richard Train and Mick McGreevy at Gosforth on Monday 20 May.

The Gosforth Team were the victors, winning by 22 shots to 9 shots.

Alas, Billy Swann and Phil Ging shared the same fate when they played on Tuesday 21 May. They were at Home to Bill Browell and Keith Rowe from St George's.  

The score for that game was 12 shots to Billy and Phil, and 20 shots to Bill and Keith.



County Fours Championships

Friday 18 May 2013 

Cramlington Bowling Club were drawn against St George's Bowling Club in the first round of the County Fours Championship, which was played on Friday 18 May at the Cramlington Club.

The Cramlington rink, skipped by John Sutherland, with Arthur Allonby playing third, Billy Swann playing second, and Phil Ging playing lead, scored 13.  Unfortunately, this was not the winning score as the St George's rink, skipped by Darren Parkes, with Neil Aitchison playing third, Johnny Morgan playing second, and Karl Jameson playing third, were  the victors with a score of 25!  

Well done, St George's, good luck for the next round.




Northumberland County President's

Bowling Tour to Jersey

4-11 May 2013

Three Members of the Cramlington Bowling Club, Bill Gilbert, Michael Earl and Jim Roughead, were part of the Northumberland County President's team on their week long Bowls Tour in Jersey.

A very enjoyable time was had by all, and congratulations go to Michael Earl, who won the Top Tourist Trophy for being the top player of the week, with a score of +64 shots. Well done Mickey!!

Once again, the Trophy has made its way to Cramlington Bowling Club.  Previous winners were Jim Roughead (2006);   Don Boddy (2005);   Terry McBriarty (2003);  Dave Wilkinson (2002);  and John Logan (1999).


Michael Earl with the Top Tourist Trophy

Michael Earl - May 13





Newsletter Updates for April 2013



2013 Season

The 2013 Season got off to a great start with a Jumbles get together on Saturday 20 April.

The game was well attended helped, no doubt, by the vast improvement in the weather!

There was some excellent bowling throughout the afternoon and the eventual winners were

E Gutteridge (First); A Fantozzi (Second); R Corrie and A Leightley (Joint Third).


Jumbles Match 20 April 13




2013 Season

The 2013 Season will start with a Jumbles get together on Saturday 20 April.

Let's hope we get off to a great start with some good weather and excellent bowling!!

We look forward to seeing you at the Green.